MGM buys and sells all ingredients and products with written guarantees, every time we do business with our customers.

MGM will always agree to anything that is important to you “in writing”. You will have complete peace of mind knowing that you can rely on what is agreed to.

100 Percent Satisfaction Guaranteed

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • A complete description of the product.
  • The guaranteed “appropriate” consumptive use.
  • Price and quantity that is agreed upon.
  • When the product will be shipped or delivered.
  • When payment will be remitted.

MGM guarantees a full acknowledgement of any unusual circumstances or terms and conditions that you desire. We will guarantee any specific consumptive use and/or any restriction regarding representation or use of the product. If MGM is buying the product “As-Is”, we will clearly state how we will indemnify your company.

Not only will MGM make guarantees to you in writing, we will honor these guarantees without you having to waste any of your valuable time calling about when a product will ship, when you will be paid, or anything else. Once you have called MGM, you will be able to leave any problem or challenge behind and have one less thing on your list.

MGM will meet or exceed your expectations every time you deal with us. Many companies make this claim, but very few actually demonstrate this consistently and to your expectations.