For various reasons, food ingredients are downgraded
or more suitable for an animal feed or industrial use.

MGM buys products and ingredients for all of the reasons listed below:

  • Downgraded or distressed ingredients
  • Obsolete and discontinued products or ingredients
  • Off-spec in regard to quality
  • Out-of-date or expired products
  • Packaging or inaccurate weight in packaging
  • Plant closures
  • Liquidation or excess inventory
  • Commingled products
  • Infestation (live or dead insects)
  • Potential contamination (liner flakes, hardware, rust flakes)
  • Waste streams or by-products
  • Shifted loads
  • Damage to product, ingredient or packaging
  • Missing seals or delay in transit concerns
  • Temperature deviations
  • Damaged rail car or truck
  • Derailment
  • Insurance claims
  • Products and ingredients that suffer water, fire or wind damage

Many other situations that make it more prudent as a feed or industrial application.

Click here to see a comprehensive list of the ingredients and products MGM buys.

When you have an ingredient or product that is unsuitable for your primary application, don’t waste your time trying to market it as a downgraded or off-spec product. MGM will buy your ingredient or product and you may immediately return your focus to your primary business.

When you have excess or expired inventory, please do not compete against yourself, driving your price structure lower. Preserve your sales price with your traditional customers and sell your excess inventory to MGM for an alternative consumptive use.