During the fall of 2013, the Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP) and MGM Business Partners, Inc. consummated an outsourcing agreement to provide streamlined marketing solutions for CP freight claim products, while responsibly assessing and managing risk. Can-Am Rail, Inc. was formed to manage the marketing, logistics and accounting necessary for the effective turnkey handling of rejected products.

The CP receives substantial benefits through this mutually beneficial agreement: reduced liability exposure, guaranteed collections, similar net proceeds, greatly reduced internal costs and the flexibility to reallocate valuable company resources to other matters.


Once a formal rejection has been received, Can-Am’s experienced staff expertly assesses the potential risk, identifies the most effective recovery solution and executes the best marketing solution. Can-Am handles the full disposition of a product so effectively that the CP’s investment of time and resources is dramatically reduced.

Our Proven Business Model

Once we are notified of the formal rejection we implement a regimented internal process from discovery through execution:

  • Inspect the salvage for quality or count when necessary.
  • Determine the proper fitness for consumptive use.
  • Have an internal group discussion to determine the best plan of execution.
  • Identify the best sale opportunities, including a contingency plan.
  • If the best sale opportunity doesn’t meet predetermined minimum criteria, return to step 3 for additional discussion.
  • Sell the product then issue a sale contract that includes all terms and conditions agreed upon between buyer and seller.
  • Transfer or recover product if necessary, deliver product to buyer, and monitor disposition throughout the process.
  • Immediately collect payment from the buyer, complete all accounting functions and reconcile the file.
  • Report predetermined segments of information and provide payment to rail partner (both handled electronically).
  • Retain a completed file with all supporting documents which are available for audit at any time upon request.