Partnershipping, Incorporated

A remarkable success story… in the summer of 2000, BNSF Railway Company and MGM Business Partners, Inc. joined efforts in a strategic alliance to outsource the marketing, risk management, and accounting associated with BNSF freight claim products. A new entity, Partnershipping, Inc., was created!

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Our goals were to provide BNSF similar net proceeds for their freight claim products, manage risk, reduce liability exposure, guarantee collections, and allow BNSF to substantially reduce internal costs and reallocate company resources.

The outcome far exceeded the goals! Not only did Partnershipping achieve its goals, but net proceeds to BNSF improved as well. The innovative, calculated risk quickly became a stunning success!

A Simple Turnkey Process

As soon as a product becomes a freight claim matter, the available information is transmitted electronically to Partnershipping. From that point forward, Partnershipping dedicates its skilled staff to secure additional information, assess potential risk, evaluate the best marketing solutions, and then execute the sale. Disposition is monitored and final payment, along with all supporting data, are remitted electronically to BNSF to populate their claim records. This outsourcing arrangement and electronic exchange of information is designed and executed so well that BNSF and Partnershipping rarely need to communicate.

Rail Resources, Incorporated

In the summer of 2017 the Union Pacific Railroad (UP) and MGM Business Partners, Inc. aligned to create an outsourcing agreement. The new entity Rail Resources, Inc. was ushered in to handle and fast track the risk assessment, marketing, and accounting on all formal rejections. Rail Resources manages and monitors the rejections throughout the entire process from rejection to payment collection.

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The agreement simplifies the salvage process for the UP and frees up their resources for other endeavors while maintaining, and in some cases, increasing the UP’s return. The turnkey solution provided by Rail Resources to the UP requires minimal time and effort from the UP.

Streamlined Solutions

The process begins when a formal rejection has occurred. From this point the reliable and veteran staff at Rail Resources goes to work finding the best possible marketing solution while minimizing risk and handling all of the logistics. The innovative solutions from Rail Resources provide a remarkable success, giving the UP desirable returns, reducing their costs, and allowing them to redirect their time and effort to more important business matters.

Railshippers, Incorporated

In January of 2012, the Norfolk Southern Railway Company (NS) and MGM Business Partners, Inc. combined resources in order to efficiently and effectively outsource the sale, risk management, and accounting pertaining to NS railroad salvage. Railshippers, Inc. was born. Railshippers provides turnkey solutions which commence upon formal rejection of lading and continue through final disposition and collection of payment.

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Simplified Solutions

Beginning at formal rejection, Railshippers deftly assesses the value, forecasts and minimizes risks, and determines the appropriate resolutions for freight claim products. The experienced staff at Railshippers works methodically to manage all elements of transfer, shipment and payment for lading requiring disposition. This process is executed so capably that minimal time and resources are invested by the NS. Payment and accompanying information is sent to the NS electronically as soon as disposition is complete.

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